The history of our clothes brush

The history of our clothes brush

It was a long way to produce one of the best clothes brushes. We have walked the way and will tell you a few details of the development.

In the beginning there was a whole list of requirements that we wanted to implement without compromise. In cooperation with "the good things" we managed to do it and have developed probably one of the best clothes brushes on the market and all this with production in Germany.

The shape of the clothes brush

From the beginning it was clear that our clothes brush should have a handle. Clothes brushes with a handle are easier to hold in your hand and brushing larger garments of clothing such as coats and jackets is easier.

On paper we drew the first form. Its dimensions should fit in smaller and bigger hands. After the drawing we made a first model to check the dimensions practically.

The first sample

Small and large hands were given to hold the first sample in their hands and give their opinion. The size fit at first go.

Working on the shape

Our first sample was still without curves. From different types of wood we worked out the later shape. This gave us an impression of the colour and grain of the woods. Not only the feeling in the hand should fit, also the eye should be pleased.

The first brush woods came very close to our ideas. But the curves were not yet round enough for us.

Rounded brush wood

Now a lot of fine tuning was necessary. Special holding jaws, which did not leave any marks on the curves, had to be manufactured for the machine. But we wanted an even better feel and were only satisfied when the curves were reground again by hand.

Finished brush wood

The choice of wood

The shape fits, now it was time to choose the wood. Optics, haptics, sensitivity and stability had to be right. The winner was a thermo beech wood. The beech wood is "baked" and thus receives its special properties. The result is a noble colour tone, particularly insensitive without additional varnish, dimensionally stable and pleasant haptics.

Tufted brushes

The brush fill

In many hours of brushing different materials with dust and dirt added, we have determined the optimal brush fill. A classic black bristle for common fabrics and a softer light horsehair for delicate fabrics, each in 30 millimetres length, make the clothes brush almost a substitute for dry cleaning.

Our masterpiece

The finished clothes brush

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