The brand Basselburg

What makes a brand? The history, a history as far back as possible or special developments in a timeline? We have our own opinion on this

We love traditional brands with a long history and are fascinated by the beginnings, which are often thanks to a single person working hard under difficult conditions. But only the age of a brand and its tradition does not say anything about today's products.

We know many positive examples of brands that have been existing for over 200 years and have kept their original promise over the years. Some old brands have not even needed to be adapted to the present day. Some other brands have adapted to the times without neglecting their origin or quality.

Other positive examples are the old brands that somebody buys up in order to combine them with a new but high-quality product. We consider it is legitimate to use the popularity and history of an old brand if the products behind it are of quality and live up to the old name. Unfortunately, negative examples are much more common. Old brands that have not survived the constant change of the decades, but are now taken as vehicles for inferior mass products and do no live up to the name anymore. This may make for a while, but sooner or later the house of cards will collapse.

So much for our opinion on the subject of brands, but now for our Basselburg brand.

The brand has no history, no long history going back to the last century and no local background. Nor do we know of any castle called Basselburg.

The story is short and simple.

We are always in search of products that convince us, that have a high benefit with high quality and that we particularly like. Some products we have simply discovered, some other products we have had manufactured according to our own ideas, preferably in Germany and Europe.

We wanted to give these products their own name, apart from our company name. On a whim, over a glass of red wine, we came up with the name Basselburg. No historical place, no centuries-old tradition, just a name that we like.

The addition "From tip to toe" followed later and summarises the uses of our products in one sentence.

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